My final blog for week one

We are supposed to write about our attitude we need for a successful mooc so here goes. I warn you that I debated in my brain if I should write what I thought people wanted to hear. I could not do it, because it would be a lie. The following is my truth.

The two words that keep going through my mind are “resignation” and “hope”. These are the only two attitude words that I can think of right now for someone who feels the way that I do.

I think of resignation and hope because:

I am resigned to the fact that this class is just going to be very frustrating for me. I hope that I can make it through without always feeling like I want to scream every time I turn the computer on to do class work. I am resigned to the fact that this class is designed for one type of learner (someone who thrives/learns from being on a computer for hours) and, unfortunately, it is not mine. I hope that I can still balance my free time so that I am not working all day at school and then come home to sit in front of a computer. I hope that this class does not drain my energy so much that I cannot be the best teacher possible for the 29 sponges in my first grade classroom. I hope that I still have time to walk, play the violin, read “stale” (as one person described them) books, socialize with friends, sew, and just be outside instead of worrying about if I have posted, blogged, twittered, pinterested, googled, bookmarked, etc. enough and in all the correct places to get at least a B in the class. I am resigned to the fact that I am just going to have 50 to 100 new emails in my inbox every day. I hope that I have the time to read and delete them all.  I am resigned to the fact that this class is going to be confusing. I hope that the muddy, murky, debri-filled waters clear up soon so that instead of feeling like I am drowning a horrible online death all the time, I can start swimming, exploring interesting looking channels and coves, and fishing in promising looking holes.

I have attempted to contribute to the learning of others by: talking with a co-worker, who has this class as well, and trying to collaborate on what we are doing, copying and pasting links for other people, and sharing what very little info I know or someone gave me when I twittered the other night.


2 thoughts on “My final blog for week one

  1. slong0102 says:

    You are not alone in your fears and frustration. For me, the past week has been confusing, humbling. Still, I must say that I am totally intrigued by the diversity and quality of the posts. I delete most before even reading them and, hopefully, there will be a more systematic way of communication established. I think I just want to say hang in there and see what develops before getting too discouraged.

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