Week 3: What technology tools can I use to manage and track differentiated student progress in my class?

What technology tools can I use to manage and track differentiated student progress in my class?

There are several technology tools that I use to manage and track differentiated student progress in my class. One is a computer test and the other one is a reading test.

The first is the MAPS test. It is administered three times a year. My first graders are assessed in math and reading. I like this test because it breaks down each subject into different areas. For instance, in math some of the categories are: problem solving, number sense, computation, and statistics and probability. In reading, some of the areas include: comprehension, phonemic awareness, and concept of print. I do not rely heavily on this test because it is only three times a year. I can look at it and see how they did, compare it with what I know, but I don’t use it as the absolute picture on where they are at in regards to grade level. As a school, we work hard to make sure that they take this test seriously. However, this test is not an accurate test for everyone.

The other technology that we kind of use is the AIMS test. I don’t know if this one really counts because the data has to be entered. However, once it is entered, I can pull up individual students or the entire class and compare data. This test is also given three times during the year.

In reality, I am not sure that I have a need for that much technology in my classroom. I really don’t have a burning desire to have the latest gadget or program. Yes, I do have an iPad and am trying to learn something on it so that I can use it in my classroom. However, I don’t believe that just because some people have to have everything tied to technology means that I have to also. I like the freedom of picking and choosing what I think is appropriate for my classroom and my life.

I have attempted to contribute to the learning of others by: twittering something useful, answering people’s questions if I know the answer, working on the wikispaces, and trying to find helpful links.


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