Week 5

Week Five

What are your overall take-aways from the methods/tools that you might use to differentiate the classroom environment (for teacher productivity and student progression)? Which of these may you use in your classroom in the future?

Since I am not someone who enjoys technology in every aspect of my life, there is only one new tool that I would like to learn more about. This is the Confer app for the iPad. It is an app that allows a teacher to collect and organize student data. I have not had a lot of opportunity to learn and use it yet, so all my experience, thus far, comes from talking with co-workers and hearing from them what a great app it is. I am not one who wishes to waste time on seeing if it will work for me. I would rather have someone show me what it does and then decide if I can use it in my life. A teacher friend showed me how she entered letter sound data in the app. She could then sort out which students needed to work on which sounds. She didn’t have to go through all 25 children and make a note of which ones knew which sounds. The other amazing aspect of this app is that with only a few clicks and a blessing my friend could share this information with the reading interventionalist that comes in every day. No need to print off a piece of paper and give it to her. It’s all on the iPad.

I would also like to use the app to document and organize data. I think that it would be very useful to be able to show where certain students are struggling in math and reading. I think that the challenge will be to find the time to put everything into the iPad. I do all this documenting now, it’s just on paper.

I have attempted to contribute to the learning of others by twittering something useful, talking with colleagues about important tech stuff, and collaborate with my classmates on our project.


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