Week 7

What tool did you learn this week to assist you in differentiating the learning process for students?

The Promethean Board is a great tool in the classroom since it projects what is on my computer. I like this tool for several reasons. The screen is very big and available for those visual learns. I love to show short concept videos from BrainPopJr because the students hear and see a concept in a different way than what I just talked to them about or we practiced. When we come across a new word or something they don’t see in their everyday lives, I can show them a picture from my personal travel collection or from google. This is especially helpful for my English Language Learners.  For instance, we had a story that talked about a Baobab Tree in it. I was able to show them one from a trip to Africa. I have also used google to find pictures. I would caution teachers to turn off the screen while searching. One time I wanted to show them what lace looked like. Fortunately, I turned off the Promethean screen while I searched on my computer. I am glad that I did. I am not sure that I would still have a certificate if I hadn’t.

I tried to upload to pictures. One is using of the Promethean Board and the other is the book where I got the material. I can’t figure out where the pictures went or if they even attached.


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