Week 8: How might video games enhance my students’ learning?

It is very hard for me to type about “video games” that I should allow in the classroom on a regular basis. I don’t believe that they have a permanent place in a first grade classroom. It is much more important for them to learn together and work on their social skills then have their face in a screen. However, I did learn on twitter and talking with people about some that my be useful on a limited basis in the classroom or when the students are home and it is dark and cold outside.
The first site is known as ixl. The site seems to provide engaging ways to help a child learn different math concepts. If a child gets an answer incorrect, it provides immediate feedback and a way for them to look up and or learn the answer. It seems that this site would help most children learn the skills that are targeted in the content area they are practicing.
The second site is Raz-Kids. This is a reading site that also helps a student work on vocabulary and comprehension. Most students enjoy having the option to do this in the classroom. The books they listen to, read, and then answer questions about are at their independent level. The teacher also has the option of turning on Raz Rocket. The students earn points for reading and answering the quiz correctly. They can then buy items for their rocket and planet.
The last site is Sheppard Software. This site also provides different games for math concepts. The child receives immediate feedback if they calculated the incorrect answer. It can be very easy for the child to just click answers until they get the correct one though. For some children, this might work well though because they will recall the next time which was the correct answer. I think that most children would stay engaged with the content. The nice thing about this website is that there are quite a few concepts that a child could use for practice.

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