Week 12

Essential Question: How will I demonstrate impact on student learning as a result of my differentiated lesson?

I will demonstrate the impact on student learning by using the iPad app Show Me. Before the lesson, the students will attempt to solve a double-digit addition problem using the iPad app which allows for not only the recording of their work on the screen but a verbal explanation as they are solving the problem. I will not give them any instruction as to how they are to solve the problem. During the lesson, we will explore several ways to solve a double-digit problem. The students will get the opportunity to use the method(s) that works best for them. In the post-test, they will again use Show Me to solve a double-digit problem. It is my hope that my medium and low students will be able to show and articulate how to solve the problem. I already know that my high students will be successful from the beginning. I might challenge them with a double-digit equation where one addend is missing but they are given the total. 

I am trying to decide if I want them to solve the same problem or a different one. At the moment, I am leaning towards the same problem since it will be an “apple to apple” comparison. However, I also realize that it should not matter the problem since by the end they should be able to solve ANY double-digit addition problem. 

I have consulted with my PLN about how to go about this. I think that I am on the correct track.


Week Eleven


Essential Question: What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?
I plan on using the iPad Show Me app. This app will allow me to have students “show me” that they can figure out a double-digit addition problem. I will give them each a problem on the iPad. They will solve it any way that they can figure out. The app allows for them to talk while they are writing. I will then teach the class about double digit addition and provide several ways for the students to practice. I will then have them solve the same problem by using the new skills that they have learned. Both sessions can be recorded and saved with this app. I think that the students will enjoy seeing the before and after.
As I work with students, I will have the other students working on other work. It needs to be relatively quiet so I will have then take turns during our stamina reading time. I have at least 30 minute blocks of time where I can work with students while the other children are reading quietly from their book boxes. This allows for both quiet and classroom management of the other children.
I have talked with my PLN about this app.

Week 10

How can I differentiate through student product in my classroom?


In a week or two, I will start introducing the students to double-digit addition. At various times in the year, I have briefly introduced this concept. The first time they will all solve the same problem. They will record their work, answer, and verbal explanation of how they arrived at their answer on the iPad using Show-Me. After I have taught the concept and they have had time to practice it, I will again have them solve a double-digit addition problem. They will again record and explain their response.

Three standards:

~Add using numbers up to 100 including adding a two-digit number and a one-digit number

~construct arguments using concrete referents such as objects, drawings, diagrams, and actions

~justify conclusions, communicate conclusions


Add double-digit up to 100 Construct argument with objects, drawing, diagrams, etc. Justify and communicate conclusions


Can add triple digits or higher with accuracy Can construct arguments on triple digit or higher equations Can effectively communicate conclusions on triple digit equations.


Can add double-digit equations with accuracy Can construct arguments for double-digit equations. Can effectively communicate conclusions on double-digit equations.


Can add double-digit equations with some help Needs some help constructing arguments for double-digit equations Needs some help communicating conclusions.


Beginning understanding of double-digit addition Needs a lot of support in constructing arguments for double-digit equations Does not understand how they arrived at the conclusion.

I consulted with my PLN on a plan. It took a lot of twittering to figure out what I was exactly supposed to do so hopefully I understood everything and did it correctly.