Week Eleven


Essential Question: What technology will I use to allow students to demonstrate they have met the standards targeted by my rubric? What are the classroom management considerations that I must address?
I plan on using the iPad Show Me app. This app will allow me to have students “show me” that they can figure out a double-digit addition problem. I will give them each a problem on the iPad. They will solve it any way that they can figure out. The app allows for them to talk while they are writing. I will then teach the class about double digit addition and provide several ways for the students to practice. I will then have them solve the same problem by using the new skills that they have learned. Both sessions can be recorded and saved with this app. I think that the students will enjoy seeing the before and after.
As I work with students, I will have the other students working on other work. It needs to be relatively quiet so I will have then take turns during our stamina reading time. I have at least 30 minute blocks of time where I can work with students while the other children are reading quietly from their book boxes. This allows for both quiet and classroom management of the other children.
I have talked with my PLN about this app.

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