Week 12

Essential Question: How will I demonstrate impact on student learning as a result of my differentiated lesson?

I will demonstrate the impact on student learning by using the iPad app Show Me. Before the lesson, the students will attempt to solve a double-digit addition problem using the iPad app which allows for not only the recording of their work on the screen but a verbal explanation as they are solving the problem. I will not give them any instruction as to how they are to solve the problem. During the lesson, we will explore several ways to solve a double-digit problem. The students will get the opportunity to use the method(s) that works best for them. In the post-test, they will again use Show Me to solve a double-digit problem. It is my hope that my medium and low students will be able to show and articulate how to solve the problem. I already know that my high students will be successful from the beginning. I might challenge them with a double-digit equation where one addend is missing but they are given the total. 

I am trying to decide if I want them to solve the same problem or a different one. At the moment, I am leaning towards the same problem since it will be an “apple to apple” comparison. However, I also realize that it should not matter the problem since by the end they should be able to solve ANY double-digit addition problem. 

I have consulted with my PLN about how to go about this. I think that I am on the correct track.


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